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Licensed and Located in Utah. Virtual coaching available world-wide. 

What does working with Andrea look like?

Psychedelic-Assisted Deep Neurobiological Recalibration

Best for: those who have noticed mindset and talk therapies are no longer helpful and are committed to making meaningful shifts throughout their mind and body. 

3 neural priming sessions in person or virtual (45 min each)

1 psychedelic-assisted intensive in person (4-6 hours)

3 integrative sessions in person or virtual (45 min each)

Out of State Options: 

1. Travel to SLC Utah for the intensive session, attend other sessions virtually. 

2. If you have 3 or more friends who live near you who want to experience this healing package, ask Andrea about traveling to your location for a weekend of intensives.

Business Unbound

Best for: successful entrepreneurs feeling stuck. You know  logically how to get to the next level, you have the skills and resources, but you're experiencing internal sabotage holding you back that hasn't budged with mindset work.

1.5-3 hour virtual or in person session.

Retreat Guest Professional

Best for: Professionals, businesses, or individuals hosting retreats who want to include rapid recalibration sessions, complex trauma workshops, psychedelic-assisted healing education or sessions, etc.

Contact Andrea HERE to discuss retreat and speaking engagement options.

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