Master of wielding mind-body interventions and psychedelics for rapid, discrete healing and optimization.


Black Lives Matter        Trans Lives Matter        Women's Rights are Human Rights         No Human is Illegal

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Hello, I'm
Andrea Hanson M.eD

My goal is to heal global trauma. I work exclusively and discretely with the metaphysically elite, catalyzing pure ecstacy.


The metaphysically elite are those who have traversed jagged landscapes broken, bruised, and bleeding because they knew getting to the other side was worth every challenge along the way.

The metaphysically elite are independent, intelligent, creative, and compassionate beyond compare.

They lead with a heart full of deep empathy and respect for all humans, creatures, and earth itself.

They never give up, often pushing themselves past their limits to achieve          success in their greater purpose.


That's where I come in.

All of the pain is built into our nervous systems from the wounds of our past and the scars imprinted in us from the wounds of our ancestors.


All of the pushing is against invisible barriers woven into our realities through our cultures and systems, boxing us in.


Through my own arduous journey, I have learned through academics, mentors, personal experience, and professional experience how to catalyze transcendence.


In a neurobiological state of trust, safety, love, and freedom traversing becomes dancing.


The jagged landscape, pain, and barriers dissolve, leaving a vast, open playground brimming with new possibilities.


It's time for the metaphysically elite to breathe freely, to dance wildly, to laugh unabashedly, to authentically connect fearlessly, and to expand exponentially.


From this new space, their missions can cascade with unprecedented impact, enlightening the very essence of the human experience. 

How I Serve You

Every interaction I have with a client is completely bespoke, however, the basic structures are:

Rapid Recalibration.png

Solace or Symbios is best for you if you are ready for a powerful shift in your life, to face your deepest, scariest fears and traumas, heal, and reintegrate the parts of yourself that have long been left behind, silenced and ignored. This is for you if you are courageous and deeply believe that you not only deserve to feel whole, but that the world deserves the impact you can create when you heal.

Academic Credentials

After completing an associates degree in criminology and victimology, and a bachelors degree in psychology, I joined a cohort of 8 for a 3 year master's degree in educational psychology in preparation then two years of supervised practice to become a licensed clinical mental health counselor. 

Specialized Training Beyond Graduate School

World Professional Association for Transgender Health GEI Foundations


Racial Injustice and Trauma


EFT - Addiction Treatment in Couples Therapy Clinical Supervision


Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Overcoming Shame and Self-

Loathing Trauma and Addiction


Certified Family Trauma Professional Elevate Workforce Trends and


Leadership EMDR Consulting


PRATI Psychedelic Treatment Clinic Foundations

MAPS MDMA Therapy Training Program

Trauma Research Foundation’s Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies:

Caring for the Caregiver – Vicarious Trauma

Internal Family Systems Model in Trauma Treatment Implementing and Sustaining Trauma-Informed Systems

Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment for Childhood Trauma Trauma, Balance, and Sensory Integration

Trauma through the Lens of the Polyvagal Theory Components-Based Psychotherapy

Attachment, Regulation, and Competency Model Acute Interventions to Restoration of Self-Experience

The Roles Intersectionality and Cultural Humility Play in Diverse Populations Adult Attachment Relationships

Neurobiology of Trauma Treatment

Developmental Neurobiology, Neuroimaging Research and Effective Intervention

The Complexity of Adaptation to Trauma

Childhood Trauma: Impact and Long-Term Consequences PTSD and the Mind-Body Relationship

Use of Play and Activity to Support Trauma-Informed Therapy Trauma and Altered-States of Consciousness

Trauma and Change Making

Impact of Trauma in Adult Spirituality and Meaning Making Neuropsychology of Sand Play Therapy in the Treatment of Trauma

Connected Breath: Healing In Utero and Generational Trauma through Accessing Higher Consciousness.

Professional Experience

Within the mental health field I had the opportunity to successfully work with teen and adult clients of all gender identities and expressions struggling with:

Severe opiate, meth, alcohol, cocaine, etc. addiction.

Suicidality and self-harm.

Sexual "deviency"

Binge-eating, purging, food restriction.

Severe mood/energy swings, hallucinations, delusions.


Relationship sabotage and distress.

Obessiveness, innattention, and hyper-activity. 

I have since ventured out of the medicalized mental health field in order to provide the most cutting-edge, research-based and intuitively implemented service without limitations. 

I continue to seek out experiences and mentors from diverse cultures to enhance my life and my practice and I keep up with the mental health field through regularly reading peer-reviewed research articles detailing the current most effective treatment modalities. 

My Journey

"The world needs to trauma healing."


This sentence keeps tiptoeing through the back of my mind as I sift through my life experiences, finding the alignment with what I do and who I serve.


I was betrayed and abused by many of the people who should have nurtured and cared for me throughout my life.


I sought help from a system that should have led to healing, but instead deepened my traumatization and feelings of worthlessness.


But I didn't stay there, in that space. I dug my way out of that black hole through education and seeking out the best coaches, therapists, and spiritual/enery healers.


Not even single parenthood or the abusive relationship that found me looking for my teeth on my front porch derailed my graduate studies.


I went on a 14-year, $250k journey through trauma education, certification, and practice.


Do you know what I realized?


The world is living out a multi-generational trauma response on a GLOBAL scale. We are carrying the weight of our ineffective response to trauma and abuse. And we are recreating the cycle over and over again.


There's only one way out.


Interrupt the survival response and step into a place of wholeness.


If we don't confront our darkness, it will consume us.


If we don't release the trauma that our bodies store, it will quietly pull our puppet strings and guide us in a repetitive dance that we don't want to be in.


We don't have to continue operating within the narratives that have been shoved down our throats.


I am on a mission to help global metaphysically elite leaders heal complex, compound, generational trauma so that they can be free to create a new paradigm that will cause a healing ripple effect throughout their spheres of influence.


In short:


When we work together, we can heal the world's trauma.

What Clients are Saying

“I sought out Andrea to shift my experience around a painful issue I was dealing with in my family. Andrea has a distinctive style. She was intuitive in sensing my concern and leading me through a breakthrough. It’s hard to explain the process, it’s something you have to experience to understand. I was able to go with the flow and allow anything that needed to come to the surface, allowing Andrea to guide me through it which she did carefully and with keen observation. It was obvious to me that Andrea is well experienced in what she does. 

She knows exactly how to guide the breakthrough, shifting deep inner perspective so that you can open to a new positive resolution. The warmth in her presence is mixed with genuine sincerity for getting you the best possible outcomes. Since working with Andrea I have shed a lot of sadness in a good way. I am now able to step up into a new role, changing my situation in a positive way that I wasn’t able to before. If you work with Andrea, you will elevate to the highest possible level. She has skills and knowledge you can count on. “

"Andrea is the most compassionate, perceptive, and empathetic human being I’ve ever met. Her calm and warm demeanour made me feel at ease straight away. 


With Andrea you will go deep. Be prepared to get into the nooks and crannies of your deeper self, find those wounds that you thought they were buried forever, and finally heal them.


By healing those wounds, expect to feel free and relieved thereafter. 


Even when things get scary, Andrea know exactly what to do to help you feel safe.


Working with Andrea is pure joy, even when you work on hard things. Can’t wait for our next session. Thank you, Andrea!”

“Before seeing Andrea, I suffered from unrelenting gender dysphoria and crippling panic attacks that had me stuck on the couch for hours at a time. I was terrified of my marriage ending if I were to be true to my gender. I had seen therapists since I was a child, starting with what was then referred to as cross-dressing issues. I’m now in my 60’s and before seeing Andrea I was still having severe issues with my mood and my relationship with my wife.

Andrea was great to work with, my anxiety has dramatically decreased, I am no longer crippled by it.  Andrea was professional and personal, supportive while being gently assertive. Beyond the in depth work we did in session, she gave me tools that I am still able to use when I run into tough spots.

I’m accepting that I am a transgender person even though I wish I wasn’t.. I thought I had accepted myself before, but now I am experiencing self-acceptance on a whole new level. My wife has now accepted that I’m trans. The thought of talking to my wife used to debilitate me. I am now having regular discussions with her so she doesn’t feel left out and we are working towards moving forward together with 100% transparency. I am free to dress how I like in my home office and around the house.”

“Andrea gave me a beautiful new start to life. I’ve now been in recovery from meth and heroin addiction for two years. I had been to so many treatment centers and counselors before and always ended up homeless and relapsing. I had given up hope when I lost custody of my kids. I stopped caring how I was treated and how I treated myself. Now I’m taking care of myself and my pet cat in my own nice apartment.

I love all the beautiful things Andrea taught me about love and magic in every day and so much more. She opened my eyes to the truth that was right in from of me, but I couldn’t see because I was so wrapped up in trauma. She didn’t see me as a junkie addict. She saw me and treated me like an equal. We had deep, moving moments, and moments where we laughed and danced together. She saw the truth in me and that helped me see that same truth. 

I don’t feel worthless anymore. I know that I’m smart, worthy, and loveable and I don’t let relationships or habits in my life anymore if they’re anything less. Andrea is incredible, brilliant, and loving. I know it was the beautiful power of the Universe that brought me to her. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I'm so full of gratitude for Andrea.”

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